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Product characteristics:

* HD infrared night vision: equipped with IR-cut and high sensitive lens, the naked eye don’t visible of dark environment still clear video

* Warm two-tone light: Fill light can select cool and warm also can open at the same time
1. equipped with 3.0 inch hd ips soft light touch screen display soft does not hurt the eyes field angle wide don’t glare, touch operation more convenient

2. support external microphone extended professional shooting recording more clear (fuselage built-in microphone Recording distance up to 20 m)
3. support remote control operation can optional infrared remote control convenient operation

4. support WIFI function hot-WiFi by mobile phone APP control can real-time preview playback, and the camera is set operation

5. Can be external wide-angle lens teleconverter telescope and professional lens the professional shooting

6. super clear 4K Video video more clear

7/. Equipped with Sony sensitive chip color reducing good

8. rich of shooting function: time-lapse video (and call DeLay photography) Slow Motion Video, mobile detection video time-lapse take pictures tall on the video effect just simple operation can realize

9. Support edge filling edge recorded. A battery can be life 80-100 minutes battery power is not enough can be through USB external power continue to shoot.

10. Other: Take pictures highest 24 million like of and 16 times zoom support HDMI output

11. gyroscope electronic image stabilization

Physical Picture

Equipped with microphone and wide-angle lens of Effect

Single with Microphone of Effect

Single with wide-angle lens of Effect

Stand-alone Renderings

The following details figure borrow 1080P. Compared with 1080P a products can recording 4K ultra-HD video support cool light warm light

Recording while charging
Support HDMI
Support MIC
Support WIFI
Time-lapse video
Slow motion video
Motion detection video
Time-lapse to take pictures
Selfie function
4K HD video
24 million pixels
3.0 ultra clear touch screen
Function key
Power button, fill light button
Photo button (during video, it is also the pause button)
Video button
Up button (long press to open WIFI)
Down button
Mode key
power button

Products real shot

I am a camera that can meet your various needs.
Do other cameras have these bright feature?
1. Dark places can open infrared
2. Mobile phone WIFI connection
3. External microphone
Say goodbye to traditional computer transmission photos, you can transfer mobile phones through WIFI. Video while charging
More in line with the user experience
Adults and children can operate

Safe, battery certified

Off screen automatic sleep
Safe, battery certified
Off screen automatic sleep
New upgrade, finer picture quality
Up to 24 million CMOS
Full HD FHD quality
More lively SLR effects
Full HD 30 frames
Different from ordinary HD digital video camera (1280×720), our camera resolution is up to 1920×1080, the whole machine effect is twice
as clear as 720P HD, the picture details are upgraded to a new level, and professional-grade images with SLR features are taken.
Broadcast-grade SLR camera
Full HD quality
Full environmental radio
WIFI connection

3.0 inch rotating LCD touch screen
The use of a 3.0-inch LCD touch screen to bond liquid crystal and tempered glass (positive light) together not only further reduces the
thickness of the body, but also prevents unnecessary reflection inside the LCD.
Support video while charging
Can be connected to mobile power, replaceable battery
It can work for about 90 minutes on a single charge. The USB interface of the camera supports video recording while charging. Can be
connected to the charging treasure or computer to charge directly for a longer time
Full HD black and white night photography
Amazing beauty of the dark night, not afraid of night shooting
Easy to switch IR no light mode with one button, 0 illumination can also be 4K ultra clear image, deep black, pure white, build a scene
of unforgettable art blockbuster

HDMI Full HD Lossless Fast Output
Set-top box / DVD player / Computer / TV game / Projector / Digital audio / TV / Integrated amplifier
Fast transmission speed, about 2.25GB/s transmission speed
Lossless transmission, uncompressed audio and video
More than one line, quite 13 analog transmission lines
HDMI interface
Support for external MIC
Intelligent noise reduction, pure sound quality, full-environment radio, far and near two recording modes, clear stereo
0dB: Close-range directional recording mode
+10dB: Long-distance surround recording
Different environment sound zoom button
Intelligent WIFI mobile phone remote control shooting
Live preview, playback
The photos or videos taken by the camera can be transferred to the phone via WIFI.
Synchronize the time on the camera directly via the phone under WIFI
Cooler in a circle of friends
Simultaneous viewing
local download
Video playback
Time-lapse recording function
Set 5 seconds in the system, take a photo every 5 seconds, automatically synthesize the film
Slow motion video
Easily capture the graceful posture of athletes or birds
Motion detection video
Effectively compensate for motion picture jitter and make up for the inconsistency of high-speed scenes. Whether it’s a sporting event,
racing games can be easily navigated
Time lapse to take pictures
Making a movie shot of time lapse
Set the system for 5 seconds, take a photo every 5 seconds, and storage the image to the SD card.
APP real-time transmission real-time editing image
Self-timer, continuous shooting function
Illuminate your beauty anytime, anywhere
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