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CameraCAMERA 32G Card

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1. Small and fashionable appearance design, the product is UV sprayed on the whole machine, fashionable and wear-resistant; equipped with various portable tools
2. Support AVI video format
3. In low illumination, it can output high-definition video 720X480 30 frames/sec and 320X240 30 frames/sec network video output
4. Support ordinary USB1.1 and high-speed USB2.0 interfaces
5. Support 32GB TF card
6. After fully charged, the working time of the camera is between 1 hour.


Item type: MD80 Mini DVR
Item size: 55mmx20mmx18mm
Net Weight: 63g
Color: Black
Image Sensor: 2MP Color CMOS
View Angle: 62 degrees
Minimum illumination: 1 Lux
Optical Zoom: < 10x
High Definition Support: 720P
Built-in Memory Size: Non
Memory Format: Micro SD card
Maximum Possible Support Memory: 8GB (supports micro SDHC)
Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Operation Mode: Manually and sound activated recording
Video File Size: 2 GB per 40 minutes
Video and Photo Formats: AVI format (720×480 @ 30FPS)
Batteri Type: 260mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery Active Life(continuous): 40min with a full charge
Battery Standby Life: 60 min

Package List:
1* MD80 Mini DV Camera
1* USB Cable
1* Mounting Clip
2* Surface Mount Bracket
1* Silicon case cover

Sports Aerial DV 200W Pixel HD Camera

Small body,HD shooting ,wireless control,motion detection


Movie Lens Making a Video is like making a movie

200W HD pixels,easy to control backlight and long distance,as much as possible.Record what you see,professionally shoot and video outdoor sports.The video camera has clear picture and records the splendor of lite.

HD Lens

150° super wide-angle field of view,automatic exposure compensation automatic color gradation,adjustment high-definition intelligent noise reduction does not cast color during the day and is clearer at night

2 millon pixels Clear picture quality

Movie resolution can reach 640*480P, clear picture quality,showing more details can be seen clearly even in weak indoor light

Small body and lightweight

Loop Recording automatic coverage

The Video is saved in segments without missing seconds,and the old video is automatically overwritten when the memory card is full seconds without interval recording 5-7 minutes automatically save a video file

Product Parameter

One Click sharing multiple people watching online at the same time

Compatible with mobile phones ,computers,and tablets watch online anytime,anytime,anywhere

products Real shot

Operation guide

This machine has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. When using this unit for the first time, please charge it first. MINI DV can be charged in the following ways:
1), connect to the computer to charge, use the USB data cable to connect to the computer, you can charge
2). Use the charger to charge, connect the USB cable to the charger base, and then plug the charger into the power socket to charge.
When charging, both the green and red lights are on and both are in a static state.
Note: When the battery power is low, it will directly enter the protection state and cannot be opened. At this time, please charge the unit.

Boot and record

Press the power button lightly, the green indicator light is on, the machine is in the ready power state, and immediately switches to the standby state. Click the “Record/Stop” button at the top, the green light is always on, the red light starts to flash slowly, and the camera starts recording. The resolution of the recording file is 720X480, and the frame rate is 30fps/S. Short press the “Record/Stop” button again to stop recording and automatically save the file. After saving, the red light stays on. If you need to continue recording, please click the “Record/Stop” button again.

One kind. Please make sure that a T-flash (Micro SD) card is inserted,
b. If the card is not inserted, it will automatically turn off after 30 seconds
d. The maximum capacity of T-flash (micro SD) is 32GB.
e. It takes a certain amount of time to save the file,
F. Do not press the operation key continuously when saving,
G. This will cause the recorded file to not be saved smoothly and make the generated file incomplete.
j. Please aim the lens at the subject in sufficient light,
l. Keep a distance of more than 50cm from the subject in order to obtain correct, natural colors, clear scenes and stable images.

Voice control camera
Press the power button lightly and the blue indicator light will turn on. At this point, tap the MODE button to switch to the voice-activated camera mode. At this time, the blue light is always on, and the red light flashes quickly (indicating a voice activated standby state). When the sound of the recording scene exceeds 60 decibels, MD80 starts to record automatically. At this time, the blue light is always on, while the red light flashes slowly (indicating that voice-activated recording is in progress).
After starting each voice-activated recording, the duration of each recording is as short as 2 minutes. After recording for 2 minutes, if the recording site is muted, the recording file will be automatically saved and enter the standby state; if it is recording for 2 minutes, there will still be sound in the scene after that, and the recording will continue for a while.

time setting
The specific usage is as follows:
1. Create a new text file named TAG.TXT in the card root directory.
2. Open the TAG.TXT file, strictly follow the format of the attachment, and write the time to be synchronized
The specific format is as follows:
[Date] <-Need packing space
2009/07/22 <- Need packing space

Every time it is turned on, the system will self-check and analyze the TAG.TXT file, and set the system time according to the internal time. After the setting is completed, the system will automatically delete the file!

Turn off
In the camera state or standby state, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, release the button, and wait for the indicator light to turn off, indicating that the machine is turned off

Connect to the computer
It can be directly connected to the computer in shutdown state, standby state or camera state. After connecting to the computer, it can be used as a USB flash drive, and files can be copied, pasted and deleted freely.
After plugging the machine into the USB port of the computer, the computer will pop up the removable disk logo after a few seconds, the red indicator light is always on, and the green indicator light is always on after a short flash.

One kind. After connecting the machine to the computer, if the computer cannot recognize it, or the removable disk logo does not pop up after 30 seconds, please reinsert it.
b. It is recommended to copy or cut the recorded video file to the hard disk of the computer before playing, and then directly play the video file saved in the built-in memory of this burner. The data may be too large to transfer

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