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Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE


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110 in stock

Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE Specification

Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE tablet stylish design and technological features their rankings in forward manages to exit. On the large screen of those who want to work freely choice Reeder tablet model, performance characteristics compared to budget-friendly building. Come with 10.1 inch screen size and high resolution standard large screen tablet; Business, training and personal purpose is usable. Android 10 operating system including the advantages of product hardware structure, battery power and custom applications performance high olmasına contribution. 4G LTE technology and Wi-Fi channel power field tablet users wireless access options stepping up as well. Double camera equipped Reeder M10 model tablet, elegant and ergonomic case design with both being used both in the desired location easily transportable.

Wide Screen Comfort

Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE models wide screen with comfort close at hand. 10.1 inch screen size tablet through both have fun to work as well as more space. Allowing users to detailed visual çalışmalardaki productivity is rising. 1920×1200 pixels max screen resolution is screen size yaraşır a high resolution value. Display of high adına IPS display technology is being used. IPS screen, display direction of view therefore occur gelebilen color bozulmalarının and kararmaların önüne going through. So, for example the tablet right angle, hand or from above baktığınızda those of the screen so that you can see that. Another advantage of IPS technology also sun rays screen to see the effect of complicating the reduction to a minimum. Light, luminous area when you want to work on-screen imajları more clearly görmeniz are sourced. Cihazın pixel density, screen refresh rate, contrast ratio and a combination of brightness values are also extremely good result. All this screen qualities, considering the Reeder M10 Blue Max with movie watching, game-playing, visual editing on ingredients making, data and work on tables, book reading a pleasant state taking.
Tablette place field camera hardware also konforunuzu serve the purpose of improving. Both ahead of both rear trunk camera equipment place vermesi the functionality of the device stepping up. Rear camera sensor your hard work during the instant photo to shoot or also video recording to your. The existence of the main camera, external photographic machine and phone devices such as using and captured images of them tablet transfer processes you alloa. To save your time and your productivity yönlendirmenizi on your studies. Front camera video conversations do, when selfie and vlog you. Training, business and leisure video conferences that offers the ability to be able to front camera Reeder tablet so that both children and young people as well as good choose for adults.

Technological, Fast and Functional

·Reeder tablet model main cpu structure, chipset, memory capacity and built-in storage space with each other compatible hardware units consists of cihazın performance features extremely good results giving.
·64 GB internal drive capacity as well as both a large storage unit offers total capacity as soon as possible the elapse önleyerek available data into the system load to be blocking.
·Device can be increased memory support at. 128 GB up to artırılabilen field capacity stuffed due yaşanabilen deceleration, freezing and similar problems eliminate depart. Wide field presence; Application download, photo and video storage, document archiving in processes such as please users at ediyor.
·With 4 GB memory and SpreadTrum cpu brand tablets using for comes with 1.6 GHz cpu speed. The system so that the effective operating and wide screen active use during working performansınız rising.
·Reeder tablet series 8 core cpu is the preferred choice. Processor number hight performance and productivity more olmasına contribution. Applications run, internet navigation, multitasking and between applications geçişler making quick format is taking place.

Stylized Design With A Noted for Tablet

Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE features, aims to meet the expectations of users tablet versatile önceliyor. Software and hardware design sould access sınırlarınızı to expand and more free çalışabilmenizi. Hardware specifications battery capacity long time outlet without the requirement is usable. Tablet 4G LTE technology are featured. LTE so Long Term Evolution system cellular data involving the transfer of wide bant technology being supplied. The fourth generation wireless technology stated 4G, higher data transfer rate had. Data download and upload speed is rising, multimedia contents better quality may know, high verimlilikte connection options as you well. Tablet also Wi-Fi technology. A critical need internet access with Wi-Fi channel is on the rise, have the requisite infrastructure from anywhere wireless internet özelliğini able to use.
Hardware structure and software as well as restraints, device with aesthetic and elegant appearance also recognizable. Blue body and black frame a aradalığı both a delightful hissiyat as well as modern impact. Custom body style, tablet casual kavramanızı. Wide screen area high touch sensitivity sensor being used. Front camera lens position, video talks all the more easy use facility. All these features are taken into account, Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE prices, own raiting advantageous within a frame paints.

Reeder M10 Blue Max Tablet Technical Structure

·Screen Size: 10.1 inch IPS screen
·Screen Resolution: 1920×1200 pixels
·RAM capacity: 4 GB
·Operating My Site: Android 10
·Drive Capacity: 64 GB
·Maximum Increased Memory: 128 GB

Reeder Tablet Box Contents

Product case contents 1 pcs Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE tablet, the required documents and cables. Package within what includes all of product pricing season that special opportunities, manufacturer and seller brand campaigns varied depending on the show.

Technology Wide Kesimlere Ulaştıran Brand: Reeder

Is a company based in turkey Reeder, giderek zenginleştirdiği liter to users with its range of products reasonable price advantage. Türkiye’nin first e-book reader model geliştirmiş Reeder with brand, tablet and smart watch with kinds of reason for choose.

Reeder Tablet Use Advice

Smart tablets mobile usage. At home, at work, on holidays or seyahatleriniz will accompany you during your tablet with environmental impacts and shocks keep öneriliyor. Both the touch area as well as scratches abrasions and capillary due to the use of fall and impact thus occur can prevent damage adına reeder screen protection films can choose. If you want a more comprehensive protection Reeder case models can review. Protection cases işlevsellikleri, resistance and weights variability which can show. Functional item arayışındaysanız 360 degree rotatable, stand haline gelebilen models look. Tablet case in choosing the model need to watch out for compatibility. Model one-on-one compatible with case tercihi through the sensors, keys and sockets effectively used. Functional, ergonomic and a stylish tablet arayışınız If Reeder M10 Blue Max 64GB 4G LTE model product review.

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