Reeder M10 PRO LTE 32GB 10.1 “IPS Tablet White


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Reeder M10 PRO LTE tablet, technological properties of those who want to large screen smart device ilgisini manages to taking. Cpu structure, memory capacity, screen users with qualifications and connection options temptations product own klasmanındaki tablet between prices also stands out. SIM card, GPS, 4.5G support the tablet model, with functional features at your job easier. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless options with both motion özgürlüğünüzü as well as wireless access and integration to increase olanaklarınızı also doesn’t neglect. Wide screen advantage so many jobs and operation easily yapabilmenize allows the when, high resolution standard visual contents quality form track affords the opportunity. Android os systematic Reeder tablet, camera your also includes a in mind. Dual camera intelligent device in front of and behind the camera sensörlerine are featured. Cpu and memory as well as technical hardware units product all properties effectively kullanılmasını. Quality and sturdy body material if long time use had. Screen and body size large but human anatomy compatible design have, thanks, tablet get extremely casual form being used. Tercihinizi price performance advantageous a tabletlerden since if, it may wish to examine model.
Large Screen Tablet Model
Use in everyday life and business life is an increasingly common tablets, with different screen sizes you reach. Large screen tablets a wider touch surface and viewing area. Leisure kullanımda also education and business use, also can be choose more advantageous for a frame paints. M10 series product, wide screen experience to give room for yaşamanıza, on behalf of the 10.1 inch screen size is the preferred choice. Screen touch sensors high precision due to the fact that, with your fingers giving commands is perceived as instant. Physical effects certain levels of resistance to showing of the nature of the touch surface, breakage and scratches as problems-resistance. Of course, for a long time to maintain eskimeden, on behalf of the device is also of using and maintaining extremely important as recomended unutmamak need.
Powerful cpu unit hardware has product display performance, image enhancement technologies and artırılıyor with graphics processor. 1280×800 pixel screen resolution with colors realistic form from mirrored. Brightness and contrast of connected as, color accuracy and pixel density also good result. So the game playing, movie viewing or visual arrangements on ingredients making processes such as much more enjoyable hâle. Also, device ARM Mali-400 MP2 graphics processor, freezing and without tripping device to use. Tablet processor features compatible with games of playing or enjoy mobile konumdayken on large screen film can experience the privilege of monitoring.
Strong Battery and IPS Technology Screen In One
Battery power, tablet users in choosing first attention that hususlardan someone. Charging requirement for long time without use is concerned, battery capacity comes into play. Reeder tablet mobile state use konforunuzu increase, on behalf of the 5000 mAh capacity battery. Screen and cpu units as specifications compatible battery power, long time use without the requirement of socket imkânı offers. Game playing and film as monitoring aktivitelerde different, book reading and derivative work on data in different battery consumption time olabiliyor. Intensive use, standard and infrequent use of battery power in cases of extinction rate if items at lower battery capacity models than good battery performance had. Available battery productivity thanks, open area or seyahatleriniz during continuous and often not only but you need to check the charging status of form.
5000 mAh battery capacity Reeder M10 PRO LTE screen IPS technology is being used. IPS panel, different angles display when viewed occur gelebilen color kayıplarını prevantative stands out with. The sun and artificial light sources the connected blackening and eliminate ghosting caused by leaving. The angle of view of color losses is disposed of vision quality rising. For example has been adjusted to different angles with tablet stands cihazın screen clearly visible, outdoors using your tablet those of the screen conveniently your can enjoy. Through this technology, from tablet transferred colors vigor and imajların belirginlik level at getting higher. Clear viewing angle offering another advantage of IPS panel also energy saving provide. High battery capacity enhancement with IPS technology, produce Reeder tablet more advantageous hâle brings.
Reeder M10 Pro LTE Specifications
Reeder M10 tablet series high performance to achieve on behalf of the technical units being supplied. SpreadTrum SC9832E chipset of the devices that use, comes with 1.40 GHz max frequency value. Chipset so chipset, basic mother board in place space hardware components, data of the transition and interfaces control variety of eden processor means. This model is the preferred to be matched with other hardware fasteners çipsetin device performansına positive mirrored.
Product 3 GB RAM and 4 core building is the preferred choice. “Random Access Memory is the abbreviation of which stands for” RAM so Turkish statement with Memory, as is the device’s primary storage space is significance ediyor. Main memory serves as the RAM; Application download, operation, storage, realization of data upload and processes as smoothly. 3 GB capacity Reeder M10 PRO memory unit, device without difficulty start function successfully fulfilling. 4 core cpu tablet use during the işlemlerin freezing, donning or intense problems like warming without operation. Cpu core to be more, simultaneous working uygulamaların load between the cores dispelled. So, for example in internet tabs navigation between or multi-task operation in processes such as tablet hızında reduction or intense performance loss does not come into existence.
Product, modern age technological advantages faydalanmanız adına GPS technology are featured. Location information saptamaya yarayan GPS global positioning data system, everyday life with kolaylaştırması stands out. Satellite-based this system in both local and international time-date information as well as alabiliyor geolocation belirleyebiliyor.
Large Storage Space Of Tablet
Reeder tablet reviews, product storage capacity in the sense of a handy structure of sunduğunu knocks. Storage area, both in the device uygulamaların use as well as the effectiveness of the system performance high that affects the important units someone. Reeder brand large screen M10 PRO LTE tablet series 32 GB internal storage unit. Capacity within the application could install; Photo, video and document-derived data tablet hafızasında can store. Capacity doluluğunun system speed and efficiency olumsuz affects also indicate need. Enough storage space so that in the case of, available occupancy system load bindirebiliyor and result in a decline in that game and practices at working speed olabiliyor. 32 GB internal space is, lower gigabyte precious models, much better results. Also Reeder, built-in storage unit is the current holder of keeping an eye on the status of stuffed and M10 Pro LTE tablet together with memory card support opsiyonunu you liter. Product, Micro SD memory card biçimini support, built-in capacity 64 GB expandable to up to. Can be increased memory through, available space when the data, play or practice to delete instead of an external card area on opportunity to have.
Link Diversity and Camera Equipment Enjoy
Reeder tablet Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile connectivity features. Wireless internet access technology is smart device 802.11 b/g/n enabled Wi-Fi channel used. Through Wi-Fi, your location available wireless internet tablet can use. Also, tablet Wi-Fi link that can match with wireless devices. 4.0 versiyonlu Bluetooth technology wireless access at özgürlüğünüzü stepping up. Preferability growing Bluetooth connection, speaker etc. The pair quickly with devices Reeder tablet. Connection as well as birimlerinin, product please users at with camera hardware ediyor. Is located on the top of 0.3 MP’lik front camera and back cover top section positioned 2.0 MP resolution main camera, necessary cases your business hayli streamlines. Camera sensors professional filming done rather than snapshot, share, important documents fotoğraflayarak save and mobile video conversations to make secret that need to remind you. Front camera with selfiler çekinebilir, video conference conversations, can realize live broadcast to participate and even Vlog’lar pulling social media hesaplarınızdan share.
Ergonomic and Aesthetic A Tablet Design
Reeder brand design uzmanlarınca developed M10 PRO LTE 10.1 tablet, with modern appearance cater for your taste, which ergonomics comfort with aims to meet your expectations. Android 9.0 Pie operating system features offered by use of the device, touch screen surface edge and body tissue değin in many respects a useful model. That prevents slipping from your hand of special body tissue, to prevent any possible accidents happening. Modern and stylish görünümden not compromised at. Reeder M10 PRO LTE 32GB 10.1 “IPS tablet, white color simple and impressive manner yansıtmanıza disposes. Back cover screen frame with the same color the color uniformity is being achieved. Türkiye’nin first domestic e-book reader and Android os systematic local brand tablet piyasaya sürmüş is Reeder, tablet is taking into account user expectations in the design of models. Need hardware features both the physical structure with comfortable use supply aimed at brand, products with reasonable price scale you liter. Reeder M10 PRO LTE model performance characteristics compared to advantageous pricing of offering tablet varieties. All these are given if product buy alımda also kullanımda also enjoyable process is to be able to say that deliver.
Tablet Acquisition and Use Advice
Tablet and phone mobile devices such as certain protection standards çerçevesinde is being manufactured and devices resistance from model to model variability. Strength level just how no matter, need to pay attention to the use of mobile devices and preservation methods. Reeder tablet, physical effects certain levels of resistance to support commercially available with gösterse also special protection products benefit. Environmental and climatic factors or use of the format to disposal negative situations may cause a howl, on behalf of the reeder cases & screen jelatinleri being generated. Sleeves protection zones, securement levels and designs are also from model to model variability. Selection phase, to the best of your expectations meet tablet holster yönelmeniz being recommended. Reeder protection film and case tercihinde model compatibility consider is of great significance. Incompatible with Tablet protection products, the effective use of engelleyebiliyor. The screen surface to prevent the formation of Kılcal scratches and wear can not with hard objects. That might occur on the bruising, touch sensitivity olumsuz etkileyebiliyor. Similar situation goes for housing and camera sensors. Everyday use of the suitable, elegant, technological and functional smart device to M10 PRO LTE 32GB 10.1 “IPS tablet can review.
Reeder M10 PRO LTE 32GB 10.1 “IPS Tablet White

M10 Pro

M10 with Pro colors come alive!

Powerful processor, 10.1 large screen sim card support and never ending energy with professional experience be prepared to live.

A strong and powerful companion!

High technology together with protracted use experience provide M10 Pro ‘S area of expertise. 5000 mAh capacity M10 Pro, long-term performance contrasted.

Make you have a professional bakışa with M10!

0.3MP front, 2MP rear camera memorable moments, M10 with Pro to hide away forever. M10 Pro size custom-tablet standards rather exceptional photos pull opportunity.

High Technology always on your side!

Amazing light weight and with sim card support M10 Pro users freedom and casual taşınabilirliğin presents key. M10 Pro daily with kullanımınızda of advanced technology to enjoy!


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