The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game Of The Year Edition PS4 Game


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game Of The Year Edition PS4 Game

Game in worlds greatest resounding Witcher The final game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the best ever by critics showing in between games. Polish author Adrzej Sapkowski’nin based on The book by The Witcher game, action RPG genre. Players, open world system is in the game monster hunter Geralt rolünü tackles. Perfect a swordsman, besides being superhuman abilities Geralt being in possession of, throughout the game completely controled by players. The game hikâyesinin bodes players which decisions according to değişebiliyor and performed a result of each action. Third person perspektifinden played theme of the game Geralt’ın lost half-starting with disposal of adventure and players to find your daughter The Witcher 3’ün huge universe the adventure. Players full of surprises an epic adventure engulfing the game than the surplus end.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the game of console fighting mechanics sword maneuvers and büyülerden. A real sword made by master of movements with motion capture technology is fully extended to the game spliced olmasıoyunun fighting mechanics fluent and realistic to. Geralt’ın kullandığı in the game between the weapons handmade bombs, crossbow, steel and silver sword. Steel sword human enemies against etkiliyken silver sword monsters extra damage. Players, with precise timing enemy saldırılarını sword using blocked is able to and various sword manevraları is able to. In addition to physical attacks in the game düşmanları-burning, slowing down and place Buck Magic signs is usable and players at magic attacks sword maneuvers against enemies by combining strong unlock is able to.
From Critics Receiving Full Marks Giant Making

The Witcher the final game The Witcher 3: wild Hunt Geralt with stories of the Chronicle of Rivia’nın sonlanıyor and players of the flow is completely themselves. Players, the game 53 km2 colossal boyuttaki universe they want anywhere is able to go and discovery and each is a separate story side görevleri tamamlayabiliyor. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt console game wrist wrestling, horse races and game after becoming very popular in the world of separate game resulting Gwent card game has additional activities such as. In the game level atladıkça magic trick, sword Master or Alchemist talent trees new features kazanılıyor and players Geralt’ın abilities they want by setting them at as kendilerine original fighting type can fashion. Available in 4 different difficulty levels each player’s its appropriate zorluğu determine oynanabilmesini of helping and bored.

With the Additional Information
Compatibility: PlayStation 4
Game Type: Action RPG
Age: 18 +
Gelatin product coated box The Witcher 3: wild Hunt main game together with Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine add-on packages.
Story Anlatımında Unbeatable Game Developer: CD Projekt Red
2002 Polonya’nın in the city of Warsaw established CD Projekt Red, all-time top rated game is one of the series with The Witcher series is known for. Since its inception full 5 PCs Witcher game develops CD Projekt Red, the Witcher following the new projects continues to produce. As soon as a small local game geliştiricisinden world powerhouse-turned-firmanın Avrupa’nın various regions offices over the person works. CD Projekt Red ‘S next project Cyberpunk 2077 gamer great excitement is expected.
You can also PlayStation 4 konsolunuz for The Witcher 3: wild Hunt’ı by buying the vast universe pretty adventure can spend pleasant hours with disposable and original fighting mechanics.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Main Package,
Hearts of Stone Plug-in Package,
Blood And Wine Plug-in Package,
16 PCs. DLC
Turkish Subtitle Option
• English Subtitle Support Update with critics requires internet connection


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